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Lucifer TKK
Lucifer TKK

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PostSubject: Ogame Tips   Sat Jul 14, 2007 9:19 am

Building Colony Planets For Specific Purposes

It all depends on what is your overall goal in this game, so let’s say you can either go for the defensive kind of play or the offensive where you concentrate on either building battleships and all the other ships you need to raid, but still that will take some time because there is so much stuff you need to built up before you can build ships at all, or you can build and concentrate on defense.

Now defensive kind of game is a totally different thing you still need to build a lot of stuff before you can build a solid defense but then you need the offence as well, it’s all about thinking like your enemy, like if you have 40 unprotected battleships just laying around chances that somebody is going to attack you are extremely big, cause when I played on Balkan server I was a big time raider where I spent daily about 4 hours just scanning the galaxy 130 systems at the time and then calculating which ones pay off to attack.

Then I would send all 12 slots to attack and go to sleep, but at the same time do a fleet save just so those that have moons don’t intercept my attacks and destroy some of my fleet, but the main point is that if someone had decent defense and about 40 battleships on the planet most of the time it didn’t pay of sending all of the fleet at the guy cause of the deuterium cost.

The essential thing that you need, or will need in the long run is that you need your colonies to be spread apart for about 10 solar systems each, I agree in the beginning have them close so you can build the essentials on your main planet but later on the key to this game is how has the best production of resources over 24 hour period of time. This comes down to your mines; metal, crystal, solar, and deuterium.

Solar mines should be your first concern because I was put in the situation where I had 3000 solar satellites on couple of my colonies and then people would raid them because they earn on the crystal of my solar satellites, and if you have all of the solar mines build up so they cover all the energy needs then there’s nothing they can do, even if you loose all of your ships and defense you still have production going at the same rate and believe me once you get to that level of play there’s nothing in your way but time….

What WILL and will NOT go into a debris field

Here is a list of what will (and will not) go into a Debris Field.

From the Defenders viewpoint:

Destroyed attacking ships will go into your debris field.
Destroyed defending ships will go into your debris field.

If you get hit with IPMs(Interplanetary Missiles) the debris does NOT go into your debris field. It gets vaporized.

Gause Cannons V Light Lasers

1000 gauss does NOT equal 350 plasma in terms of costs. In fact, 350 is more closely approximated to be equal to 1230 gauss (in terms of resource costs).

I speed-sim’d the comparison and I found that 1230 gauss inflicts more resource losses on the attacker who uses lighter ships than bs. However, when the attacker uses bs, then plasmas inflicted much more losses.

I’ve been reading these tips on light lasers and so I tried speed sim with defenses made entirely of light lasers, and then defenses with entirely missile launchers (350 plasma is equal to 22750 light lasers, and 350 plasma is equal to the same amount of missile launchers if we disregard resource ratios of 3:2:1 or whatever it is…)

What I found was that light lasers (for the same amount of resources spent) are more efficient in inflicting losses upon the attacker, in any situation that does not involve ships with rapid fire (i.e. destroyers or deathstars).

I also tried replacing a certain amount of light lasers with plasmas, according to the costs of the light lasers that I took away, and I found that the mixture of cannon fodder and heavy guns was less effective than the cannon fodder by itself.

So in my conclusion, I find that light lasers are very good alone against any force that does not involve destroyers or deathstars. I suppose that maybe the damage inflicted from the light lasers is small and therefor has a greater chance to use all of its damage on a ship; whereas a heavy gun may overkill a ship by using more weapon power on that ship’s armor than is necessary to destroy it. Basically, my theory states that cannon fodder defenses do not “leak” out any excessive damage on an attack, while heavy guns “leak” out much of their attack power that is left over after hitting a ship. Just imagine it as if it were an rpg like final fantasy or something. If your character does 9999 damage, and the opponent only has 100 health, then you would be “leaking” out 9899 damage into nothing (basically wasting alot of damage). And if you are dealing with multiple enemies, then that 9899 damage wasted on 1 enemy will not be used on the other enemies. But now imagine if you have 100 characters that each do 100 damage. Now you can kill that one enemy with much more efficiency by only using 1 of your characters. Using the exact amount of damage as needed, you have not wasted any more of your available power than was needed. Now, you can use the rest of your power from your other characters to attack the other enemies.


Wow, to everyone who keeps bashing the gauss/ion cannon ratio(in this post and others), here is some food for thought. Let’s take the value of each weapon type, with the value at 1 per metal, 2 per crystal, and 3 per deuterium; a Gauss Cannon has a value of 56,000. An Ion Cannon, by this same system, has a value of 14,000. This holding true, 4 Ion Cannons is worth the same as 1 Gauss Cannon.

Now let’s open up our SpeedSim and crunch some numbers.

Take 10 Battleships, for example, with neutral techs on both sides. With 10 BS against 10 Gauss Cannons(a value of 560,000 in defense), the Attacker wins roughly 90%, Draws 5%, and the Defender wins 5%. The Def. is left with 0 GC(Pre-Regenerate) and has taken out 5 BS. Now let’s take that same value and place it in Ion Cannons.

10 BS versus 40 Ion Cannons (A value of 560,000 in defense). The Attacker wins 5%, and Draws 95%. The Def. is left with 5 IC and has taken out 1 BS. Now 5 GC and 20 IC is the same value in defense.

10 BS versus 5 GC and 20 IC (also a value 560,000). The Attacker wins 10%, Draws 60%, and the Defender wins 30%. The Def. is left with 2 GC and 3 IC BUT has taken out 8 BS (80% of Attacker’s fleet destroyed). This gives you a 90% chance of not losing the battle while maximizing the damage dealt to the enemy fleet. It would appear that this is more of a potent combination than the previous two examples.

There is really no ONE perfect way to build defenses and the above scenario is not taking into account numerous other factors that often go into a battle but one must simply keep in mind the importance of damaging enemy fleets while not drastically removing their capacity to survive a battle. Having spent a great deal of time researching and developing my defenses, I agree with this topic’s defensive strategy as a guideline. I still recommend it to new players and reviewing many comments from seasoned players, I’d recommend they spend some time thinking about the value of a balanced defense as well.

Happy Hunting All!!!

Armour and Shielding
Do your defenses and ships shields and armour “regenerate” after every round in a battle?

Yes and no. Smile After every round of battle, your shields will regenerate back to full. Your armor is the “hit points” of your ship, and these do not regenerate during the battle. However, after the battle, any ships that took damage are repaired back to full status.

Furthermore, once a ship has lost more than 30% of its hitpoints, it has a chance to self-destruct (due to battle damage I guess).
Hull Points (hit points) and Technology

Each tech advance increases effective protection by 10% (shield and armour).

For Example: A large cargo has a base structure of 12,000. 30% damage means after 3,600 damage there is a risk of it blowing up.

Armour 5 adds 50% of the base points, so 5 * 10% * 12,000 = 6,000

Giving a new hull points of 18,000.

Your Large Cargo can now take 30% of 18,000, or 5,400 damage before there is a risk of it blowing up. This gives you an extra 1,800 points of damage you can absorb before you run the risk of blowing up.
Shield Power and Regeneration

For example: A heavy fighter (shield level 0) vs a heavy fighter (shield level 2).

Base shield is 25, so shield power is 25 + (25*2*10%) =30

NOTE: Shield is a little odd in that unless you have at least level 1 you get no shield at all if speedsim works right.

Now in battle, the first 30 points of attack power is absorbed by the shield before it hits your Heavy fighter. (each round)

Given that once you pass 30% damage there is a risk of blowing up its no guarantee of victory. But higher levels of shield and armour definatly give a nice boost to survivability.

For more tips visit ogametips.com

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PostSubject: Re: Ogame Tips   Sat Jul 14, 2007 9:40 am

Great tips.Ill give u a sticky Very Happy

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Lucifer TKK
Lucifer TKK

Number of posts : 41
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Registration date : 2007-07-14

PostSubject: Re: Ogame Tips   Mon Jul 16, 2007 4:15 pm

thanks... if you need any help in anything (for anyone) please feel free to pm me or email me)
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PostSubject: Re: Ogame Tips   

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Ogame Tips
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